Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Morning Coffee

My morning coffee
It comes to greet me
Ever so sweetly,
Like a long lost friend
With a kiss on the cheek.

Such a relaxing way
To start my day.
If it's early and quiet enough.


Do not make me sleep alone tonight
I fear, if you are not by my side,
I may not survive.
My past, it haunts me,
In nightmares unexplainable.
Reminders of what was, what never was
And what will never be.

I cannot escape my past,
It follows me,
Even as I sleep.

But with your arms around me tight,
I find the courage to face the night.
You make me feel strong,
I know I am safe.
Please do not leave me,
Not in this place.
Not in this world of nightmares galore,
So realistic I think I am already awake.

So wrap your arms around me,
Baby hold me tight.
With you by my side,
Everything is right.

S'more Nachos

About a year and a half ago, my best friend came home for the first time after months of being in military school. Knowing she was only home for a few days and that soon we would be limited to writing letters as our only form of communication, we made the best of the time we had while she was home.
Her first night back, she introduced me to something wonderful that you wouldn't expect one to learn at military school- S'more Nachos.
She shares this amazing creation with me, and now I am going to share it with you.

What you will need:
1 cake/brownie pan (size doesn't matter. If you want lots of nachos, use a big pan, if you only want a little, use a little pan.
Graham crackers
Hershey's king size chocolate bars

1. Line the bottom of the pan with graham crackers
2. Cover the Graham crackers with chocolate
3. Top the chocolate with marshmallows
4. Repeat steps 1-3 into satisfied

1. Place pan in oven at 350
2. Bake for 10 minutes

1. Using a spatula or fork, break it into pieces
2. Using fingers, spoons, forks or ladles, dig in and enjoy a little taste of heaven.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The People We Use To Be

Whether it's morning, afternoon or night,
If I'm waking you up,
You want to fight.
I try to talk it out,
You shut me down,
But get upset when I don't want to talk.

What happened to the days spent texting?
The nights of phone calls past 3 am?
What happened to joking?
To looking before you react?
To "Good morning beautiful"
And "Goodnight, I love you"?

I miss the days without all the stress.
When expectations weren't unreachably high
And all the double standards didn't apply.
I miss the days when we didn't get mad,
We just thought before speaking...
And we understood.

What happened to dreaming impossible dreams?
To achieving the unachievable things?
What happened to sticking together,
Though all the odds were piled against us?

Now that we have reached our dreams,
Achieved what we set out to achieve,
Now that the odds are in our favor
And no one stands in our way,
Does that mean we must stop dreaming?
Stop setting goals to achieve?
Must we now fail apart,
Refuse to defy the odds?

What happened to the people we used to be?
And please, please tel me,
What the hell has taken over our bodies?

Conversations with Children

The following conversations are between my niece (2), my nephew (3) and I. Because I have yet to put my name in any online posts, I'm not sure if I am comfortable posting their names either. So, for now, they will be known as "Princess" and "Dinosaur".

Princess: Water spin? (Keep in mind, she is two, and this sounded more like "What er spi?)

Me: What?
Princess: Water spin?
Me: Water?
Princess: Yea. Water spin.
Me: You want to spin with the water?
Princess: Yea!
Me: No, you can't spin with the water.
Princess: Why?
Me: Because, Princess, it'll spill.
Princess: Spill?
Me: Yea. Spill.
Princess: Oh...

Dinosaur: *brings me a chip* This one's yucky.
Me: It's yucky?
Dinosaur: Yea.
Me: It's okay. You don't have to eat that one.
Dinosaur: No, I want you to eat it.

Dinosaur: The trex! The trex is coming!
Me: It is?
Dinosaur: No! It's a triceratops!
Me: Oh okay.
Dinosaur: I want you boom it!
Me: You want me to boom it?
Dinosaur: Yea, I want you boom the triceratops.
Me: Okay. *Maybe two minutes later*
Dino: No! Don't kill the triceratops. I want you get the trex!


You wonder why I get so upset
When you act like that.
You get mad,
You call me a smart ass.
But, honestly, you scare me.
You don't know it,
But you do.
When you do these things, even accidentally,
It reminds me of my parents,
And how they used to be.
I don't ever want to he like that
And, baby, It truly scares me.
I don't want to yell, to scream, to fight,
I don't want to cry myself to sleep
Every night.
I don't want to live in fear
Whenever you are here.
Why can't you see
What you're doing to me?
I feel like I'm losing you.
You're changing into someone
Someone I don't know
I'm losing you
And, baby, it scares me.

Going Somewhere

Waking up,
It's a quarter after noon.
He pulls on his socks
And looks for his shoes.
Where is he going?
Not even he knows.
Anywhere but here,
Or so he hopes.

Waking up early,
It's 5:30 in the morning.
She's in no hurry,
But rushes to get ready.
Purposefully avoiding the bus,
She walks the other way
And begins her day
Walking to school in the cold.

They don't know what they're doing
No clue where they're going.
Are we even going anywhere?
They wonder as the walk down a road
Clearly labeled no where.

Life is like any other story
With a beginning, middle and end.
Its what you do with your middle that matters,
It's not important where you begin.
Just make the most of it
And don't worry, baby,
Nobody's perfect.