Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The People We Use To Be

Whether it's morning, afternoon or night,
If I'm waking you up,
You want to fight.
I try to talk it out,
You shut me down,
But get upset when I don't want to talk.

What happened to the days spent texting?
The nights of phone calls past 3 am?
What happened to joking?
To looking before you react?
To "Good morning beautiful"
And "Goodnight, I love you"?

I miss the days without all the stress.
When expectations weren't unreachably high
And all the double standards didn't apply.
I miss the days when we didn't get mad,
We just thought before speaking...
And we understood.

What happened to dreaming impossible dreams?
To achieving the unachievable things?
What happened to sticking together,
Though all the odds were piled against us?

Now that we have reached our dreams,
Achieved what we set out to achieve,
Now that the odds are in our favor
And no one stands in our way,
Does that mean we must stop dreaming?
Stop setting goals to achieve?
Must we now fail apart,
Refuse to defy the odds?

What happened to the people we used to be?
And please, please tel me,
What the hell has taken over our bodies?

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