Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Bleed Ink

It runs from my shoulder
All down my arm
Reaching my fingertips
Dripping onto paper.

It comes in many colors
And it takes shapes I've never seen.
It forms words on my paper
Spelling out ingenious things.

Pouring down my arm,
Racing down my hand.
Drizzling from my fingertips,
Is this all I am?

I bleed ink on a daily basis.
I could do it my sleep.
Straight from my heart,
Then it runs down my sleeve.

It drips ever so slowly
As it races towards the paper.
Impatiently dreaming
Of becoming some beautiful work of art.

I bleed ink from every fingertip
It's taking over me.
I need to stop for a moment
I need some time to breathe.

Running from my heart,
Racing over all of me,
Reaching for the stars
As if from some long lost dream.

It's no dream any more,
This is reality.
Reality becomes a nightmare
As it takes over all of me.

I bleed ink,
As though that is all I am.

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