Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lessons from a Fifteen Year Olds Facebook

All of the following were taken off of my little sisters Facebook. It's amazing what you can learn from pictures shared by a 15 year old.

1. Find humor in the seemingly humorless.

     Yes, even triangles can shine a little light in your otherwise dreary school/work day. A good sense of humor can go a long way.

2. All relationships have problems.

    It's true. Even if you love someone, you will eventually fight over something. Whether its where to eat or what to do with the next 50 year's, there will be something. You will hurt each other like no one else can. You will argue. You will get jealous. However, you will trust that person more than anyone else and you will endure any and everything necessary to ensure that they are happy and safe. Because they are worth it. Your relationship is worth it. And, if they are the one, nothing will come between you.

3. Don't interrupt.

Although, you should take the headphones out and join the human race once in a while.

4. Everyone likes sleep.

Not everyone can get it when they want it.

Insomnia sucks.


5. Be careful what you post.

Once something is on the internet, you can never truly get rid of it. No one wants their future boss or college professor to see that picture of you at 14 with a bottle of alcohol in your hand. Even if it is just filled with water and posted to make yourself look good to your friends. Be careful. Or be embarrassed. Your choice.

6. Rocks can be shaped like elephant.

Point proven.

7. Your cat isn't just your best friend...

He/she can also be your personal butt-blanket.

8. There are hidden beaches.

And, chances are, you will never go there.

9. Girls can actually be very simple creatures.

At times.

10. Anime.

That is all.

11. All you need is love.

Which can be shown by watching Netflix and cuddling.

12. Sweet potatoes are better for you than regular potatoes.

And they taste good.

13. And last, but certainly not least: 

There is someone who will see all of your so-called imperfections and call them beautiful. 


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