Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Carrot Stick or Cupcake

Carrot stick,
Or nothing at all?
Will I choose healthy,
Or will I say forget it all?
I try not to let it get to me,
When people tell me I'm too skinny.
Or when others give me looks
And say I'm starting to get a belly.
I've been there before,
Where I let it all affect me.

Trying to cover up
My strange behavior with lies,
Eating food just to kill time,
Or skipping meals daily,
In hopes I'll starve myself just enough
Without losing myself completely.

I don't understand
Why people can't just accept me as I am.
If I'm healthy
And I'm happy,
Just let your opinions go unsaid
And remind me that you love me.

I am human,
I promise you I am.
I know I act as though it doesn't,
But your words just slowly kill me.
Slicing like a knife
Through every part of my being.
Just leave me alone
Or lose me completely.

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