Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Conversations with Children

The following conversations are between my niece (2), my nephew (3) and I. Because I have yet to put my name in any online posts, I'm not sure if I am comfortable posting their names either. So, for now, they will be known as "Princess" and "Dinosaur".

Princess: Water spin? (Keep in mind, she is two, and this sounded more like "What er spi?)

Me: What?
Princess: Water spin?
Me: Water?
Princess: Yea. Water spin.
Me: You want to spin with the water?
Princess: Yea!
Me: No, you can't spin with the water.
Princess: Why?
Me: Because, Princess, it'll spill.
Princess: Spill?
Me: Yea. Spill.
Princess: Oh...

Dinosaur: *brings me a chip* This one's yucky.
Me: It's yucky?
Dinosaur: Yea.
Me: It's okay. You don't have to eat that one.
Dinosaur: No, I want you to eat it.

Dinosaur: The trex! The trex is coming!
Me: It is?
Dinosaur: No! It's a triceratops!
Me: Oh okay.
Dinosaur: I want you boom it!
Me: You want me to boom it?
Dinosaur: Yea, I want you boom the triceratops.
Me: Okay. *Maybe two minutes later*
Dino: No! Don't kill the triceratops. I want you get the trex!

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