Thursday, January 15, 2015

When Tomorrow Comes

When yesterday comes
And you are happy,
Once again laughing
At jokes spoken too many times.
When you stop running,
And we are again playing,
Like we once did,
In the long since forgotten snow.
When yesterday comes
And there is now more crying,
No more silent tears
Staining your pillow.
When we remember who we are
And why we are here,
When we are there for each other
We will know.
When yesterday comes
We will know what it means
What it means when you say forever.
When yesterday comes
We will remember
We made a promise.
Best friends forever.
When yesterday comes
We will call each other,
Go out of our way to find time for each other,
It will be like it once was
Not so long ago.
So let’s find a time machine,
Rewind and fix our mistakes,
Bring back yesterday
And reach out to each other,
Before yesterday is too far gone
And we are far too late.

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