Saturday, January 10, 2015

To My Niece and Nephews

When you were little,
I held you in my arms as you fell asleep.
I made your bottles and fed you.
I changed your diapers and clothed you.
I kept you warm and safe and healthy.
When you got older and wanted to explore,
I took you outside to see new animals
And roll the ball around.
I let you run, but kept you safe.
I picked you up when you fell,
And made your boo boo's feel all better.
When you cried,
I held you.
When you were tired and cranky,
I rocked you and sang to you.
I read you stories as you sat on my lap and pointed at pictures.
When you watched early morning cartoons with still-sleepy eyes,
I was your pillow.
When you played all day, got dirty and needed a bath,
I made sure all the dirt was washed away,
So you would be clean and ready to play when you woke up the next day.
When you were cold,
I wrapped you in blankets and held you close until you were warm again.
I brushed and braided your hair.
I picked out your clothes
And helped you tie your shoes.
I held your hand as you crossed the road
And I carried you through the store.
I've helped to keep you safe through all these years.
I've held you, kept you warm and fed you.
I've given you everything I can
And will continue to love you unconditionally.
As you grow up,
As you get older,
I hope you remember.
Remember the cartoons,
The laughs we've shared
And the tears I've wiped away.
I hope you remember the bedtime stories
And songs we've sang.
I hope you remember the hugs, the kisses
And I love you's.
I hope you remember all the little things and
As you remember, I hope you know it will never end.
I will always love you and be here for you.
You may not need me to hold your hand as you cross the road when you are older.
You may not need me to pick out your clothes,
Or blow your nose.
You may not need me to brush or braid your hair
Or carry you in the store.
But I will be here.
I will be here to talk,
I will be the shoulder you can cry on,
The listening ear,
The advice or guidance you need.
I promise you,
I will be here.
No matter what it is you need need.
And I will still love you.

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