Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Wouldn't Change a Thing

Sitting on the floor
In a room full of color,
I think about the past,
About the life I could've had.
So many things
That could've ended better.
I'm not asking for a happily ever after,
Just a childhood a little bit less
Like a Steven King novel.

Daddy, my daddy,
Why did you have to drink?
You could've stopped,
You could've waited,
You know you're violent when drunk.
Mommy and daddy,
They threw it all away.
Couldn't break through the addiction
To save their little girls from a whole lot of pain
Even on Christmas day.

18 houses in 18 years,
Always moving around,
Never staying in one place.
Just long enough to breathe.
To get a grasp on this tornado called life,
Just to have it start back up again.

Every form of abusive
From every direction.
Scared and threatened,
Becoming courageous,
Retreating into a skin so outrageous
She doesn't even recognize her self.

But if Daddy hadn't drank,
Mommy wouldn't have left him.
She wouldn't have remarried
And they never would be moved around.
If any one of these things,
Even the fight on Christmas morning,
Hadn't gone the way it did,
She wouldn't have met her Prince Charming
And wouldn't be living happily ever after.

In a story so rare,
A miracle happened.
A nightmare became a dream,
And she moved on
To do wonderful things.

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